What does it consist of?

In the insertion of an electrode called filament through the pilosebaceous follicle and the use of a technique thermolosis ultra-fast that allows the destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth, respecting the surface of the skin. 

Exceptional Comfort

Thanks to its ultra-fast frequency (speed) and Canadian Apilús technology, it offers comfort never before achieved in definitive hair removal.

The passage of the current is so fast (thousandths of seconds) that the nerve centers do not have time to send a pain message to the brain, making it very tolerable.

Only a few thousandths of a second are enough to reach the target to be destroyed without reaching the superficial tissues.

With so much comfort, Electroepilation is the ideal solution to eliminate unwanted hair, both in men and women, for all skin types and all types of areas, even in the most sensitive people.

Treatment hours needed

It is a question that we are asked all the time, and it is difficult to answer precisely. The evaluation is always approximate, many factors directly influence treatment planning.

Approximate time

With a 27 Mhz equipment, we can expect rfaster results, since coagulation occurs much faster.

The electrologist must adapt and personalize the treatment for each client to ensure better results, while the client, for her part, must respect the electrologist's recommendations and collaborate with treatment planning.

Factors to evaluate