Frequent questions

The time that should pass between laser hair removal sessions, approximately, ranges 1 to 2 months, since follicular growth must be respected. However, this time will increase as the treatment progresses. Our technical specialists will schedule your sessions based on the evolution of your treatment, and will advise you in a personalized way. Also remember that times may vary depending on the treatment and the area you want to have done.

It is not recommended that you do sports immediately after your laser hair removal session. After treatment, your skin will be more sensitive than usual, so both the rubbing of clothing and excess sweating could irritate it. It is recommended that a couple of days pass for the skin to fully recover.

Before the laser session, you should shave 24/48 hours before if the hair is strong, and between 5 and 6 days if it is weak. Do not use self-tanning creams, at least 2 weeks before to be able to apply the treatment, in addition to 3/2 exfoliations prior to the session.
Wait 15 days from application UVA rays to be able to perform the diode laser hair removal treatment, in addition to performing 3/2 exfoliations prior to the session.
Finally, avoid the solar exposition between 3 and 4 days before and after your treatment.

After the laser hair removal session, it is important take care of the skin, it is advisable to use Regenerating during the first 2 – 3 days and apply regularly, since it will help you regenerate and repair your skin. Apply SPF 50 sunscreen to the treated area and avoid sun exposure for 3 to 4 days after treatment. To help maintain the skin during the waiting period until you go to your next session, it is also advisable that you use our Rosehip Moisturizing Lotion, thanks to its nourishing action.

Laser hair removal and the sun are totally compatible, as long as let's avoid sun exposure during the 3-4 days before and after the treatment, let's keep our skin hydrated and use sun protection creams on the treated areas.

UVA Rays are compatible with laser hair removal, as long as there is a minimum of 15 days between both treatments, in addition to carrying out 2/3 previous exfoliations. In this way, melanin will not be activated, making the treatment safer. It can be resumed as soon as the skin is completely recovered (Approx. 4 days), if we want to use them, on the treated areas.

Self-tanners and laser hair removal are compatible, as long as a minimum of 2 weeks passes between the application of the self-tanner and the diode laser hair removal session, in addition to 3/2 exfoliations prior to it. Thus, our skin will be in optimal conditions, avoiding possible unwanted alterations in it.

At Láserum we make laser hair removal accessible to all budgets. Therefore, in our centers, you can start your treatment from €6 and with the freedom to decide which area you want to treat at any given time. Because we only work with single sessions. Say goodbye to bonuses!

Laser hair removal cannot be done on tattoos. When light detects the tattoo pigment, it can cause thermal capture, so it isIt is very important that you tell us about the tattoos you have so we can cover them correctly before to start treatment.

Although there is no determined age to start laser hair removal treatmentYes, there are some recommendations. In the case of girls, it is advisable to start treatment from the first menstrual period. For boys, the recommended age to start is 15/16 years old.

laser hair removal is not recommended during the gestation period. However, breastfeeding women can have laser treatment without any problem. We just have to keep in mind that those women with a tendency to appear or with melasmas will have to wait for their quarantine period to pass.

The number of laser hair removal sessions What is necessary to remove hair permanently depends on the type of hair and skin phototype of each person, in addition to other factors, such as: intake of certain medications, hormonal disorders, even certain pathologies. Despite everything, thanks to our experience, we can talk about an approximate number of between 5 and 8 in the case of women, and 10 and 12 in the case of men.

If you want to carry out a treatment laser hair removal on an area with moles, birthmarks, varicose veins or bruises, it is advisable to carry out a specific assessment of the area. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the center directly so that our technical specialists can review these particularities.

When talking about laser hair removal, at Láserum we prefer not to talk about pain but rather about slight discomfort, which can vary depending on the sensitivity of each person and the area to be treated. Thanks to our own equipment and its ice tip head, which reaches -12ºC, the feeling of discomfort is reduced to a minimum. Besides, these tips They will help you make your treatment even less annoying.

Taking into account that the function of the laser is to detect the melanin in the hair, we will obtain the most effective results on darkly pigmented and thick hair. However, we recommend that you go to your nearest Laserum center so that the specialist technicians can evaluate your case.

The duration of a laser hair removal session It will depend on each person and the area to be treated.. However, these are usually short sessions, which can last about 5 minutes in small areas, to longer periods in areas such as legs and arms.

Taking the contraceptive pill has no incompatibility with diode laser hair removal. We would only have to make a small differentiation in terms of performing the treatment in body or facial areas. Check with your center for more details on this.


There are some medications or pathologies that are not compatible with laser hair removal, therefore, it is very important that you inform your laser technician of the medication you are taking so that they can confirm whether or not it is compatible with the treatment.